Thursday, May 30, 2013

Enchanted Walk

   I went to the forest 
(not really but it looks like one) 
with Ilona and her little girl.

Getting Ready for the Psychic Affair

These 10 ducklings were just bought in to Happy Trails.  Their mom was just killed. They are 3 days to 1 week old.

Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary takes in farm animals and horses coming from abusive, cruel or abandonment situations.

To learn about Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary, visit:

Sunday, May 12, 2013

To Those of Us 
Who Plant Seeds of Love
and Nurture our Souls:
Happy Mother's Day!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Prediction that jury would find impostor 
is spot-on!

Dear Friends:

I love animals and love working with them because there is an innocence and a sweetness that they naturally have. As a healer and pet communicator, I love the fact that animals are not influenced by the pressures and preconceived notions and beliefs that  we as humans have. Pets generally are pretty simplistic.  Their thoughts are usually free flowing; they appreciate those who care for them and love them.  Animals will unconditionally love one without strings attached or ulterior motives.  They have colorful personalities and preferences just as humans do but they do not have the limitations that we have.

Animals can have fears and concerns depending on their environment. In many ways they are a lot like us with their likes and dislikes and their various types of personalities.  Some are fun and love to play.  Others like to be entertained.  Some are extroverts while others are introverts. Some animals like to play it safe and stay in their little safe environment where others like to journey out and see what life is about, unconcerned with the consequences. It is for these things that I do the work I do.

My heart is in being an animal communicator also for the pet guardians for the wonderful spirits that I work with.  There is no greater feeling than to know that I've helped bring healing and a sense of peace or understanding to a pet and their human guardian or to help someone communicate with a pet that has crossed over to the other side. 

For me, there is a sweetness working with Divine Spirit and with animals that are ill, or in a hospice state of being.  I enjoy helping a pet’s loved-one(s) to bring resolution and peace to them so that they can find a sense of serenity and  clarity to make necessary decisions  that are for their pet’s highest good.

Respecting an animal is vitally important, too.  Animals don't have the physical ability (through verbal voice) to tell me if they would like to communicate with me.  So before I begin working with an animal, I always ask their permission to speak with them before opening up the channel of communication with them.  I want the pet to know that their feelings and desires are equally as important to me as their human guardians.

I actually didn't start out working with pets - or so I thought. I always loved animals and did communicate with them but I didn't even realize that's what I was doing. I would provide pet healings without understanding that I was providing healing to the animals until one special evening, years later.

I was at a friend’s birthday party.  He told me to come into a room with him because he needed to ask me a question so I followed along. When I got into the room there was this beautiful, long haired, calico kitty named "Joey."  Joey was sitting on the bed.  My friend asked me to tell him what was going on with Joey. I went and sat with Joey and started to pet him.  He had a sweet personality. I got from him that his guardian wouldn't listen to him.  Joey showed me that he had kidney pain and he no longer wanted treatment. He wanted to be left alone. He said that the treatment was painful.  My friend was taking Joey in to the veterinarians to have his kidney's flushed and Joey was tired of it.   I relayed the information to my friend.  Unfortunately, he never listened.

Two weeks later, I received a phone call.  It was my friend.  He was frantic.  He told me that Joey was sitting outside getting sun and then took off.  I connected with Joey again but Joey didn't really want to talk to me. He didn't want his pet guardian to find him.  But he did show me brushes in the backyard and a trail to the brushes. I told my friend what I was being told by Joey.  When my friend checked the brushes, Joey wasn't there.  Two weeks later my friend was doing yard work and decided to look in the brushes and there was little Joey's body.

In my last communication with my friend, little Joey came through. Joey let him know that he left because his pet guardian refused to listen to him.  It was because of Joey that I found a love in communicating with pets.

Then there was my sweet Maggie, a pet rat, that while dying of a brain tumor, would appear to me as a beautiful angel when I would hold her up in my hands and peer into her soft eyes.

These beautiful souls, Joey and Maggie, opened up my world in way that has blessed me immensely.  And so it is an honor to communicate with animals and to bring them healing when it's appropriate to do so.  It's been years later and my work now includes communication with animals and energetic healing work for animal behavioral or health issues.

My animal communication and energy work is useful when a pet is in terminal condition.  I can assist in helping to make a pet feel comfortable at the time they are making their transition.  This situation is a scary and difficult time for both the pet and their loved one(s).  I also accompany a pet's loved one to the veterinarian office to bring peace and healing to both if a beloved pet has to be euthanized. In a situation like that, and the pet guardian cannot be with their beloved pet, I will go and stay with their pet until the pet has completely made its transition.

As some of you already know, last year I was fortunate to work with Gelson's Super Market and their Pet Adoption events' program.  Many of the organizations listed on my Blogger site also worked with Gelson's, such as:   

  • Amanda Foundation
  • Best Friends Animal Society
  • Bill Foundation
  • The Rescue Train

  • In looking ahead for this year, I'll be back to support Gelson's Pet Adoption events with wonderful, NO-KILL, rescue organizations; providing pet matchmaking as well as mini healings and readings.  I'll keep you posted as soon as I know my schedule.

    In the meantime, to learn more about Gelson's Pet Spotlight, visit:

    In Love and Light,