Energetic Healing Work is for people seeking resolution for physical, mental, or emotional issues or problems.  Sandy taps into universal healing vibrations to transform frequencies to heal people spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Healing Benefits include:
Achieving inner peace
Connection with your soul mate
Discovering your life path
Finding happiness
Healing physical ailments
Manifesting success
Obtaining courage to change
Overcoming addictions
Overcoming depression
Release from draining relationships
Releasing destructive patterns 

Peruvian Shamanic/Chakra Healings
Always operating from love, Sandy’s goal as a healer is to bring others into alignment with their true expression of their divine self.  She works on multiple levels, (including the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical), by channeling sources of energy willing to assist her in her intent.  These energetic sources include God, Divine Beings, and even loved ones who have passed over. 

By working with spirits who guide her in each of the healings that she performs, Sandy works on removing any energy that is negative and stuck.  Negative and stagnant energy affects people on physical, mental, and emotional levels causing disease, distress, and/or, discomfort.  Sandy’s healing work is extremely important in the removal of negative influences that stop people from experiencing God’s Divine Beauty within themselves. 

Sandy tailors each healing session to the specific needs of her clients.  For most of her clients, Sandy concentrates on cleaning their chakras to open up their natural flow of energy.  For example, should a client find their self to be insensitive, Sandy brings healing to their heart chakra to release compassion and love for their self and for others.  Perhaps a client has experienced trauma or deep hurt.  Sandy will shift their blocked energy, open their energy flow, and re-align them to help them move forward in their life.

I found Sandy through a Google search for a medium/healer in Los Angeles.  I have been seeing her since Feburary of 2013, when my life was a mess. I had just lost a job and everything in my life was falling apart. I had a healing session with her and she told me that everything was going to be fine. I got a job within a week, my head is clear and I feel absolutely amazing. She is the real deal! She has accurately predicted my Job specifics about my career, and relationship issues. Her readings are very intuitive and compassionate. Additionally, Sandy is an amazing healer. After readings with Sandy, I am at peace, and I feel more connected to my life purpose.  She's authentic and I absolutely love her.
- Christine R.
Los Angeles, CA