Tuesday, April 29, 2014

What are you choosing to focus on?

Apropos for a client today that was caught up in family issues that became her omen.

Affirmation: Today I choose to let go of those things that I have no control over and focus on the things that I do! 

And, if, should've, and but, have no place in my vocabulary today!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Listen with your eyes not your ears

Common message in today's sessions...

"Actions speak louder than words." Pay close attention to the actions of others and not what they say. The truth about a man or woman is what they do, how they treat you and not in what they would like you to believe! 

This is a fact that is most difficult for many of us to comprehend!
 If we can get our "feelings" out of the picture then we are clear to see the truth of a man or of a situation. 

Many people that come to me know in their gut (their intuition) the reality of a situation but they don't want to see it or they don't want to take action because of fear. 


I'm always open and clear to see the truth in all situations and I let that truth guide me in the actions that I take and the choices that I make.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Healing and Transformation happens at the degree that one is open to receiving.

Healing and Transformation                                        can be a major shift or incremental  and that would depend on how receptive one is to receiving their good or their healing. Another component of the healing process,  is learning whatever lesson is needed to move past the situation or experience.

Fear is a major factor in letting go and being receptive to change or healing.
Laziness, Lack of Responsibility, and Victim-hood  can be other reasons for not being open to healing or positive change in ones life but that we will discuss at another time.

When I work with an individual as a psychic, healer or medium, I always ask them to be receptive to receiving all that they can from our session. This opens them up without resistance to the information or healing that is for their highest good.

It's easy to stay stick in fear of the unknown but if one is proactive in moving above the fear (of change) then the individual will gain that much more from their session.

I've had clients come to me that were in an accident and they want me to do healing but they don't want complete healing of a physical condition or an emotional condition that was created from the accident.  The reason they don't want complete healing, they have a lawsuit...Money, Settlement!  And that's okay!  They are going to receive whatever they are willing to put into their healing.

Affirmation to assist in receiving 

"I'm open and receptive to letting go of that which no longer serves me and I'm open to  receiving that which is for my highest good here and now."

Friday, April 18, 2014

Capacity To Love

When working with a client today this is what came up in regards to interactions with his father.

My client always felt isolated, unloved and abnormal, and being extremely sensitive and empathetic internalized his father's harsh temperament toward him as, "I'm not deserving of love and something is wrong with me."  When doing healing work with him, it was apparent that from the age of 4 he was consciously aware that his father was indifferent toward him. This created an uncertainty, which lead to low self-esteem and trust issues that he carried into every experience and relationship he has had.

 "People give of themselves only at the capacity they are able to truly receive."  

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


creating positive memories from change....

I just had lunch with a dear friend. His whole world is upside down, lots of changes.
From people making a transition and assisting them and their families in the process, including help with their pets.

He and his wife sold their businesses and are getting ready to sell their house and move to
Northern California to be close to their daughter that has had to deal with a significant health issue.

I was so impressed with how well he was embracing change,  being in the moment, for the moment.  Being very aware that at any second that his whole world could change by a mere phone call from his daughter or  one of the people in his life that is in hospice.   

He told me, "you know, I can't do anything about the transitions that are taking place, so I have to make the best of it."  He had sparkling brown eyes and this beautiful boyish smile that lit up his face as he was sharing this with me.  

Not once did he say... "Why me? Why my child? Why is my friend passing at such a young age?"   In every scenario that he shared with me today, he took snapshots of humor to make something that was hard to deal with or unbearable, bearable and heartwarming;
creating positive memories he will hold forever.

Not only that, he and his wife are embracing this change, relocation, taking time off of work as they create a new life for themselves as an adventure, starting over. Not rebuilding their lives,  Rebuilding is taking something that has be broken and reconstructing it
No, they are making a WHOLE NEW LIFE FOR THEMSELVES.

I am so honored to be a part of this persons life! He is an inspiration beyond belief!
 I am in deep gratitude for how blessed I am to have someone like this guy teach me how to embrace TRANSITION AND RESPONSIBILITY!
And to do it graciously!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Just relax and let yourself not be perfect

just relax and let yourself not be perfect

You don't need everything to be prefect in your life to accomplish your goals.....
Change comes from being uncomfortable in your own skin, fearful, sensitive, and rigid.

Allow your life to be a little unorganized or maybe cluttered, and it will help you learn to except change. Be more flexible and flow with what is put in front of you.
I had a spiritual teacher tell me one time to intentionally do something opposite of how I would normally do it so I can learn to shift my routine. Be flexible to change.
What I did, because it would drive me nuts, I would put the toilet paper roll on the opposite direction. I did it for a while until it didn't eat at me any longer. Now once in awhile when I'm in a hurry, I find that I put the toilet paper roll on backwards and I won't change it! 

transformation is  taking one step at a time.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Focus for Today

Focus on only the good things people have done today.
Usually there is a pattern to the readings or healings I do in one day.
Yesterday's subject "disappointment in others"

Disappointment in others and the hurt and anger caused is created by not having one's expectations met.

Many of you have heard me say... I believe that there are a lot of good  people in this world.
Yes, there is always going to be useless, selfish, rotten people in this world. Everyone has experienced hurt and been let down by someone we've cared for.

Hear this...

If you focus on the people that have burned you or abused you, you will keep attracting the same situations and the same type of people. This is the energy you are putting out.
Like attracts like.  We are channeling the same energy to reproduce the same result and the more focus and energy we put into something, the more power we feed it.
 In other words, the universe lovingly creates the one thing we don't want since that is our belief and focus.

I use the word focus  loosely.. .
One doesn't have to focus on a particular thing all the time, but if it is part of your core belief system (fixed)  that you get screwed over all the time or that people are rotten,  then it is a priority belief that is inherent in your subconscious which will inevitably
create your reality.
This is the  "Law of Attraction."
"What you sow you reap."

Today look for the best in people. It's so easy to focus on the negative.

Intentionally seek out wonderful attributes and good will in those around you!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Prayer should flow from the heart.

When praying, don't worry about using the right words. Speak from the heart, it will guide you. What you feel makes the impact, not what you say.

Several people have told me lately,  "I don't know if I'm praying right." or  "I don't know how or what words to use."  Praying should be simple, effortless and flow from the heart. 

Sometimes just a visual impression is all that's needed. In fact, I will many times just envision someone in a burst of white light. That to me means they are in Gods hands or they are in divine light.  Knowing they are protected and under the guidance of God is all that matters in some cases and it's all that's needed. 
We don't even need to speak words to pray. Our connection with Spirit, God or the Universe is that direct.

One last thought...
When you give something or someone to God then leave it. Don't keep taking it back because then you are interfering and not trusting. 

Every time you think about it or the person, tell yourself "I gave it to God, it's in his care."

...then let go and trust.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

No judgment, just write!!!

Writing is a great source of therapy, expression of creativity and expansion of consciousness and opening one up to their own intuitiveness.

Answers which we are seeking, we can find within ourselves by expressions from deep with in our own consciousness which I also believe is our God self or our higher self.

Writing, is a creative art that allows us to create a colorful masterpiece through thought, feeling and expression that flows into a paradigm of perfect creation.

Sharing your thoughts, knowledge, dreams, fantasies, experiences and beliefs are insightful and helpful to others life experiences or their desired journey or even providing humor, maybe even inspiration to another's experience.     

I've heard many, including myself say.... say that they are not qualified, good enough, or simply they don't have anything to offer which is sad and untrue. We all have a voice, we all have individual life experiences, and a unique personally that creates a different frame work to our own creations.  

Lastly, intelligence has nothing to do with writing. I've known people that haven't

finished junior or high school that are phenomenal expressive writers; in fact, I'm  envious of them. The proper syntax, punctuation, and spelling has ALWAYS been extremely difficult for me and I have a tendency to be all over the paper when I write, so I have to really focus to organize my thoughts. Regardless, the journey for me is therapeutic, inspirational, educational and enriching.