Clearing and Re-energizing

Individual Spiritual Cleansing 

Part of of Sandy's healing work involves removing spirit attachments from individuals and/or their environments. One area where attachment removal has proven vital is addictions. 

Sandy utilizes spiritual healing techniques to help others overcome their strong desires that are creating and feeding the addiction. As a result of her clearing, many have found the release from shame, guilt, fear and the array of self defeating beliefs one has during the vicious cycle of addiction. 

Spiritual Cleansing for Your Home or Business

Sandy provides a service where she cleanses heavy energy and removes
disruptive entities (spirits) from one's environment. She channels
positive energy to support the needs and desires of the individual,
family or business.

By shifting the energy in ones environment it can lift the overall
vibration in the home or office, open up the channels to promote better
physical and emotional health, bring peace and serenity, help to promote
financial abundance; creativity and productivity. It can create a
better, safer environment for people as well as pets and promote a
deeper spiritual connection.

There are various reason's to consider a Spiritual Cleansing: such as being
plagued by entities (ghosts) or there is paranormal activity in the home or
business. A spiritual cleansing will remove old stagnate, stuck energy
as well as emotional energy that is still lingering; especially in cases of
divorce or any kind of addiction with family members.
There may also be cases where one has passed or committed suicide on the premises.

Other reasons may include money and financial problems, distress, unfounded fear
and emotional or mental issues. Also buying or selling a home or business and even remodeling
a home can bring up disruptive energy or entities. Recent bickering between
couples, family members, office employees; behavioral problems with children and
even pets; Spells put on ones home or business and homes that won't sell or cannot keep tenants.

Spiritual cleansing's can be done in person, at the location, or remotely.
In some cases Sandy has successfully cleansed homes with her
Candle Healing Therapy.  Although, her first choice is to physically or
remotely work with the energy directly. This is more effective as she is
able to make necessary suggestions to clients by channeling the information and their needs.

Sandy has worked with various clients ranging from small business
offices, real estate agents, homeowners and renters to a 75 bed, 3-story retirement residence.

Her fees are determined by the location distance, the activity at
the premises and the square footage of the home, structure or property. 

(562) 708 - 7345

Dear Sandy: I can't thank you enough for what you gave to me today: making this MY home.
 Thanks for your interest, your inspiration, and your time spent with me.  You knew what I needed to hear; enforced the positive to my well being, as well as, to my house cleansing.
 Ever since you have been here to clear my house, I smell the faintest but most beautiful, fresh scent  in the room where you set your cleansing altar. I hope the scent lasts forever.- Karen 

Above are Healing Candles that were programmed
and blessed to clear negative energy from a home.
The condominium was plagued with foul smells,
negativity and flies that congregated by a window. 

The Healing Candles worked to absorb and clear 
the house of negativity. The people who owned the
condo had leased it to tenants which they evicted. 
The tenants threatened to put a spell on the owners. 
Immediately following the threat, negative activity 
began to take place in the condo. 

Notice that there are spots on the platter in front of 
the candles. The spots are globs of wax that shot 
out of the candles while they were burning. 

The highly active wax was a unique circumstance and 
only happens in extreme cases where there is a lot 
of negativity.