Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Is fighting ever justified?

I'm opposed to physical altercations to solve problems but sometimes one feels that they have no other choice. Can fighting have a positive effect on ones spirit?  Let me make myself clear,  I would never encourage one to use violence to handle a dispute.

While setting up a session with a new client today, she shared with me an incident earlier in  her life where she was being bullied by another girl in her school, when she was in 9th grade.

She reported to the counseling office that she was being bullied, but the counseling office didn't take action to stop the taunting by the other student. The recipient of the abuse decided, even through she was afraid, to stand up to the girl and that it was time.  She confronted her oppressor, and they had a physical altercation which in turn, ended the bullying. 
In this particular situation, Intuitively, when talking with this gal,  I got that this was an extremely important lesson that would empower her for the rest of her life. 
She learned that very day, how to find the strength within herself to stand up for herself on many levels. She learned how to set  boundaries so that others couldn't take advantage of her or push her around. She learned how to verbally speak her truth, voice her feelings, and it helped her with her ability to communicate. It helped her self-esteem and strengthened her spirit knowing she could take care of herself and that she was worth it.

I would never suggest that someone handle bullying this way, but the outcome for this gal was a powerful one and I know she had more guts than I did at her age.

Bullying  is cruel, it's a crime and it is cowardice.  Please report any situation where one is being bullied to parents, authorities and to the school or the school district if the school will not deal with the situation accordingly. 

I would love to hear your feedback or any experiences that any of you have encountered.

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Why do our lives have to be perfect in order to achieve our desires and our goals?

 I do this myself and I hear from others, "oh, when I get my life in order" or  "when I take care of this obstacle" or  "when I retire"  THEN!  I can go back to school, then I can start going to the gym,  then I can follow my dream as a musician, a writer, etc.
 For me, my house and my desk had to be organized before I could sit down and write, as if the creative juices only flow when my house and desk are clean. Yes, I must say it does help to feel good about our environment, and our surroundings can help us to settle into our new goal, help us get into that "right mindset",  But we don't need to create that perfect situation as we think we do. It's more a matter of allowing ourselves to feel uncomfortable and flexible as we are creating a new way of life, a new journey.
 Fear speaks to us in so many forms and it all comes back to one thing, self doubt and/or low self esteem. We see life as an illusion, "I’ll be ready to do that when…”  But the truth is, there probably isn’t a really good, or prefect time to start or prepare ourselves for a new journey of self-discovery and renewal. We're usually just afraid that we can't do it, or what will it cost me, or afraid of the unknown.
 Perhaps it is that change can require a new form of discipline, you to be responsible for your own needs, and the decisions that you make. As for the unknown, we have no idea, really, what the future holds for us, but we can have a sense of empowerment when we are contributing to the fulfillment of our lives and maybe even being an inspiration to others. As for what we may lose, it can only be what wasn't working for us to begin with, or what we have out grown.   I believe we just have to jump in and let the road take us were we are suppose to go.
 Well, my house is still not organized, my desk looks like a tornado hit it, my hair is not done, my cat Missy is laying on my keyboard wanting my attention, yet here I am, feeling inspired and creating. I'm now off to blow dry my hair and hit the gym. I guess a little perfection won't hurt. But I'm still going to throw caution to the wind and leave my hair a little messy.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Claiming my good now

Claiming my good now!

If something is meant to be, nothing can stop it or get in the way of YOU receiving YOUR good!

I was so thrilled this morning when I got a call from a client, Christine.
She was so elated, she said,  "I GOT THE JOB!
When I first met Christine, she wasn't very happy. She's very responsibly and
a hard worker, but was unhappy with her chosen field.
She decided to take some computer classes hoping she could change her field of
work. During her readings throughout the past year there was One message that came through consistently,
"I see you working for the county or city of Los Angeles. I didn't get what department,
but felt it was a government agency.
Every session we did, here was the same message, "working for a government agency"
She was skeptical "how am I going to get in one of the government departments, it takes
forever and they have a hiring freeze.
I said "I don't know but try"
Sure enough,  3 months ago, Christine talked to a friend that works for the city of LA,
her friend  told her they were hiring. Christine emailed her resume, was one of the highest candidates for the job and
starts her new position  Jan. 2014!

Possibilities, Possibilities, Possibilities!

If we are met to have something, I don't care what it is, the Universe makes it happen.

Nothing on God's green earth can keep something away from us, if it's ours.
We have to claim it!
We have to have focus, believe and put the effort into receiving.
And it shall come!


I'm Limitless in my  POSSIBILITIES!

I'm open and willing to receive my good NOW!

I claim my good NOW!

To those uncertain of direction in their life, a good affirmation to say.
I'm open and receptive to where Spirit wants to take me. I trust my journey. 
and I claim my good Now!