Psychic Work

Sandy gives insight as to the why and how problems develop and what changes need to be made to resolve any issues.  Readings may be given either At office, In home, or via Remote, (Phone, eMail, or Snail Mail).

Q&A Readings
Question and Answer Readings are for those who have specific questions for which they need guidance and/or understanding.  It is advised that clients present clear and concise questions before setting an appointment to have a Q&A Reading. 

Lifeprint Reading  
A Lifeprint is akin to a one's spiritual blueprint.  In this unique reading, Sandy will identify charted opportunities specifically designed for a client's personal growth and spiritual development.  Sandy will give her client the tools and information you need to make better choices that are aligned with your true and specific learning goals.

A person's life’s path is their responsibility.  Through right action according to one's own unique Lifeprint, a person can achieve total harmony with their exclusive destiny.  Understanding one's Lifeprint is about having better self understanding.

Lifeprint Readings help explain what a person is to experience or learn in this lifetime.  Lifeprint Readings uncover one's strengths, weaknesses, talents and abilities.

When a client understands their life’s blueprint, they understand their characteristics and what motivates them - for better and for worse.

Lifeprint Readings uncover how and why a person's environment and the people in their life play a vital role in helping them create their life and mold them.

Lifeprint Readings are a personal key that unlocks who a person is.

Relationship Readings
With the core emphasis on healing, Relationship Readings are energetic healing sessions that bring harmony and restore balance to those seeking assistance with their situation. 

Relationship Readings are for friends and family members as well as for romantic, life, or business partnerships.  Relationship Readings are especially helpful for improving friendships, strengthening bonds, achieving reconciliation, and providing understanding, peace and serenity. 

Relationship Readings help people discover their role in the relationship. Sessions address people’s Life Blue Print, which explains what a person has come here to learn or experience in addition to their strengths, weaknesses, talents and abilities.  The Life Blue Print presents a better understanding of motivations and needs along with preconceived ideas about what people think of themselves and others.  Readings may bring up past influences, characteristics, wants, desires, addictions, insecurities, levels of commitment, and so on, which affect how people interact with themselves and with others. 

Experiencing a Relationship Reading empowers people with a great deal of information and tools to be better equipped to make the wisest decisions to enhance their relationships.  Results rely solely on the individual’s willingness to be open, honest, and willing to change their thinking and/or behaviors.

Couples Readings are an excellent way to bring more depth and richness to a relationship by providing clarity and direction and a renewed vitality in the bond.  Couples Readings can also play a key role in divorce, especially when there are children, pets, or business endeavors involved in the separation.

Business Readings and Consultations help business owners take better control of their enterprise by providing them with guidance to prospects, business direction, employees or partners.

Totemic Readings

Animal Totem Readings are another form of energetic medicine.  

Animal energy is  present to guide and protect us throughout our lifetime.  Some animal energy is required for a moment while other animal energies are necessary for the expansion of our life and beyond.  

Akin to a Spirit Guide, a client's Power Animal is akin to one's Spirit Guide.  When used wisely, this Animal Totem provides insight as to one's character.  The traits of a Power Animal is used as medicine to assist a person in expanding their consciousness spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.  

Everything is interconnected.  By integrating Animal Totems into a reading, clients can learn a lot about themselves and their environment.