Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Taking a Leap of Faith

I have an old friend that doesn't want to change, to grow to meet the demands of her life and environment.  She's stuck on a reality that doesn't exist. She stays miserable in the process of trying to fight progression and holding up a false foundation. 

We have choices, we may not always like them, but the world and others are going to evolve whether we do or not. The choices are  generally far better than what we can imagine. Our  imagination is limited to only what we know or what we can conceive; therefore, it's hard to envision the magnificence that is available to each of  us. 

 It's so easy to only hold on to what we've already known. The hardest part is always taking the initial leap.  That leap of faith that life may be different but it can also be better than we've ever imagined.

Life! We can jump on board and ride it the best we can or be stuck, fearful, angry, stagnant and miserable.

Thank God, we have choices. 

Friday, May 16, 2014

Found Injured Pigeon in Toluca Lake

 Injured homing pigeon found in Toluca Lake

May 16, 2014

Update and intuitive information on injured bird.

What I received INTUITIVELY  from this guy.

I felt injury to the chest area. A heaviness in breast bone or chest cavity, above the ribs.
I got possibly torn ligaments in the pectoral muscles or a strain on the pectoral muscles Update and intuitive information on injured bird.

What I received INTUITIVELY  from this guy.

I felt injury to the chest area. A heaviness in breast bone or chest cavity, above the ribs.
I got possibly torn ligaments in the pectoral muscles or a strain on the pectoral muscles that caused debilitation in the wings so that he can not fly.  (I don't know if the inability to fly is permanent of temporary.)

 This makes sense to me, if there is an injuring to the pectoral muscles that would create pain and weakness in any movement of the wings,  it would effect the little guy in hopping or walking rapidly since he would be extending his wing muscles, even the slightest, in any type of physical movement.


As of this morning---
the pigeon is still eating and drinking good.
The vet is giving subcutaneous fluids and keeping him in an incubator.
The vet is suppose to call me today with an update.

I did contact the owner but he has not made an effort to contact vets office yet.
If the owner doesn't come though for his bird then the bird, depending on the outcome will be released to me and I will need to find him a home.

This is premature but if anyone thinks they may be interested in providing a good home for this guy, if it's necessary, please contact me.

May 15,2014

Update on injured pigeon.
 I believe we found the owner if it's the person the pigeon is registered to. They have not contacted me yet.
I took the bird to Dr. Attila Molnar, All Animals Veterinary Hospital in Calabasas
The bird can not fly and there's no diagnosis yet.

May 12, 2014
Injured Pigeon!
I found an injured pigeon in Toluca Lake at 6:15 this evening. It's a homing pigeon. It has a green band on one leg and a blue band on the other leg.
I can't see anything physically wrong with him but I need to find a rescue that will take him. 
He can take little steps but can't walk fast nor can he land on his feet.
I can take him to the 
California Wildlife Center but I would love to have a place close to Glendale. 
If anyone knows of a location please let me know.
In the mean time please pray that this little guy is okay.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

 Mother's Day!

Being a mother is the gift that keeps giving. Our love
for our children is endless, along with the desire to provide and comfort them.

No matter how old our children get, they are still our children.
We live for them, we would be willing to die for them, and
God help anyone that would try and harm them.

Being a mother is an honor, the sweetest reward and gift we can
receive. Motherhood is a miracle, and literally the  greatest experience we will have in our lives.

I am deeply blessed for my children. I imagine my mother
still thinks of me and my siblings, as I do my children.

To all beautiful Mothers, my wish is that you are blessed with:  laughter, fond memories, and simple joys. May you experience feelings of contentment, in the wonderful lives that you’ve created, as you nurture, and love beyond belief. 

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Thought for the day

Learn to not argue a point.
It's non productive for you, if the other party(s) are not listening.

While channeling for a couple, 

I did my best to get both parties to see the root of their issue with money which created tremendous frustration in their marriage.

 It was to no avail so I let it go. 

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Affirmation for making the right choice

Making the Right Choice

A client is going nuts trying to figure out if she should stay with her boyfriend or let him go.
I gave her intuitively the information that I received which she needs to digest.  But it's still eating at her.
  To put her mind at ease, I suggested an affirmation that would help her trust and know that she will make the right choice for herself; as well, as for him.

This is a great affirmation for anyone stuck and not sure of which way to go.

  "I always make the right decision at the right time." 

After saying the affirmation, let the issue go!
Don't keep mulling over it, release it!

The answer will clearly reveal itself  WHEN you're ready.

If the issue persists, repeat affirmation as often as you need and be PATIENT. The solution always reveals itself one way or another.