Manifesting Healing Meditation

Manifesting Meditations can help you to:
  • Define Your Purpose
  • Focus on Your Desires
  • Reach Your Goals
  • Create Peace, Happiness and Better Health

Obtain your heart's desire and purpose with a Manifestation Healing Meditation session with Sandy. Let Sandy help you tune into the Universal Source to re-create your world and bring into fruition your dreams and goals. 

 Through a personal guided meditation you can create a new reality to bring in happiness, success, peace, self-empowerment, better physical and emotional well-being, and a sense of purpose. By tapping into the Universal Source, God as it is referred to, we can literally create miracles in our lives.  This is where all thoughts are created and manifest into our reality. Everything is created by energy and we are using the universal energy to change and re-create our lives.  It's that simple!  By changing our thoughts, beliefs and emotions and removing blockages, we can alter and re-form how things manifest in our world and be in-tune to what we want and feel we deserve.Through your individualized, channeled meditation, Sandy will bring healing to any obstructions or blockages and help you to achieve energetic flow to support you on your new journey of manifesting and self-discovery.

Your session will be recorded for you so you can continue your healing and manifestation by listening to your session daily or as you choose.

Invest in a personalized guided mediation with Sandy and enjoy your recorded session whenever you want to pause from your busy routine and relax, re-energize and re-focus on your goals and aspirations. Embrace your world, feel the passion to live life in harmony and joy!
Meditation Overview: 

Sandy Smith is pleased to offer individualized Manifestation Healing Meditations specifically for you! To help you achieve your goals and desires. This new and unique healing technique was created by Sandy to simultaneously clear energetic blockages, emotions and thinking to expand your consciousness and realign your energy so you can resonate at the same frequency of what you want to manifest in your life.

Prior to your session, Sandy will ask you to focus on what you truly desire for yourself on a heart level. It is extremely important that one is in alignment with what they really want. If one is not clear to what their needs or wants, then Sandy can intuitively help them with what is for their highest good at the time of the session. During your session Sandy will incorporate your specific goals in a personal Manifestation Meditation by channeling spirit to guide her on mastering your journey. Shape-shifting your reality!
If you are ready to live a life of self-discovery, self-empowerment, optimism and contentment then let Sandy help create that world with you!

Limited Special:  $95.00

The session is recorded and emailed as an MP3. Many clients download the meditation to their cell phones or I-phones to listen anytime and anywhere.

For more information or to discuss a personalized guided meditation please contact Sandy. 

(562) 708 - 7345