A Note from Sandy

Energetic Spiritual Healing work is my passion.  I have been on this path all my life; coming from a family with a long history of healing abilities. 

I use my talents and gifts to work with people, pets, and businesses, in all areas of life and professions.  I use my healing talents to bring balance and alignment to people and pets.  My work is especially effective for people who are dealing with addictions, pain, fear, grief and/or anger.  These areas of imbalance may involve karma and past life issues.  Often what plagues a client can be rectified through chakra clearings and other energetic spiritual healing modalities. 

As an animal communicator and healer, I perform energetic spiritual healing work to help alleviate physical and/or emotional ailments. Using my abilities, I assist animals in making their transition from life to death by making them more comfortable through easing their fears and/or pains. Whenever I work with animals, I also bring healing to their owners and sometimes to the entire family.  Sometimes my work with animals includes channeling pets which have transitioned from this life to the next. 

Through mediumship, I help others connect with loved ones as well as help channel past lives.  Past life channeling can be extremely helpful in resolving issues which have been carried over into this life causing my client disharmony.
My legal and criminal work includes murder cases, civil action suits, and missing persons.  When appropriate, I bring closure to family members. 

Because life is full of challenges,  people struggle to find their true expression in life, or to stay on their life’s path.  To help them with their journey, I created a self-help and meditation group, “Nurturing The Soul,” which meets every Thursday evening. 

I believe in civic duty and happily volunteer my time and talents to hospices and pet adoption organizations. I provide healing and psychic services to people who are on fixed incomes, including the elderly.  

In the media, my talents have been recognized on TV and in print.  I have my own psychic column, “Dear Sandy,” that runs in several newspapers. 

As you might imagine, I absolutely love my work. My passion is to help people and animals on their life’s journey by bringing healing and insight through my gifts. The work I do is centered in compassion and love which I bring into every healing that I do.  I encourage people to be optimistic, to focus on their true purpose in life, and to strive toward that purpose.