Using assistance from the Angel and Spirit Guides, Sandy establishes a connection with the  client's animal companion and then relays the impressions she receives from the animal.  The insight will help the client discover their animal companion's needs, feelings, physical condition, etc. which can facilitate a deeper and richer bond between the friends.

Match Maker
Whether a client is thinking about opening up their home or their family's to a pet, Sandy can help a client decide what's best for all parties involved in the commitment. 

As she does for people, Sandy is a compassionate healer for animals.  She works with Divine Spirit Guides to bring healing to her clients’ animal companions.  Once she establishes a bond, Sandy provides physical, behavioral, and/or emotional healing work.  This is especially vital when an animal is sick, recuperating from surgery, or has been in some kind of traumatic experience. 

For those pets that are facing their life’s end, Sandy works to bring comfort and healing when they are making the transition in to the next world, so that they are peacefully able to make that shift. 

How Pet Communication Works and Rates
My name is Sandrine. I have found your page searching Google. We recently had death in our family... our precious dog. We are all so emotionally scarred and the pain is just unbearable. He was our little angel. He was so perfect. He was like my son. It is exactly the same if not MORE than the pain of losing a family member. He was taken out for a walk and was killed by another dog who just suddenly attacked him.  Is there any way to communicate with him? To tell him we love him? To know if he is ok? Is he still with us? Please help.  Will we see him again when we die?  Looking forward to your reply.
Thank you so much for your time and God Bless You.
- Sandrine'
 Dear Sandrine,
I'm very sorry for your loss and such a very difficult way to lose a companion or family member. Our pets are our family members. I work with people through animal communication and via healing to bring peace to those left behind so that they can get through difficult times like this.  Most of the time, I'm also able to channel the energy or vibration of the past loved one so that their loved one here can feel their presence.  I would love to work with you. I know that it would help you come to terms with your loss of your beloved "Little Angel."
My rate is $95.00 for a 60 minute session. We can do it in person or over the phone.
With love and gratitude,
Sandy Smith