Sunday, November 9, 2014

Emotionally Cold vs. No Guilt!

Emotionally Cold vs. No Guilt!

A client that receives healing from me, mentioned today,  that she questioned herself because it was so easy to emotionally disconnect from a boyfriend that she had been involved with for several years. When she ended the relationship, she cut it clean and focused her attention on what she needed to do for herself.

She was receiving hypnoses and then started coming for healing for additional support in clearing emotions and blockages so that she could get emotionally centered and focused on what she needs to progress in life.

My observation from our conversation which we discussed;  I found it interesting and enlightening  that we have a hard time letting go of someone or something that we know isn't good for us and feeling okay with the decision. As if, we should feel guilty that we aren't feeling guilty.  It's that old emotion tugging at the heart. When in fact, the best way to let go of something or someone is by detaching lovingly and trusting and feeling a completeness within ourselves that we have made the correct decision.  The completeness comes from knowing I did the right thing.  It's an unconditional love for ourselves and it's honoring ourselves by taking care of us.