Sunday, November 9, 2014

Father's Deserve To Be Treasured Too!

Father's Deserve To Be Treasured Too!

To those of you who have a father in your life; whether he is biological, stepfather, uncle, dear friend or mentor, please take the opportunity to let him know how much you appreciate him. Thank him for being consistent in your life, for being supportive,  a good provider, a protector,  loving, and encouraging, among many other things. Often, we do think more of mother's being nurturing and loving, but many times father's are more reserved, and silent with their feelings, emotions and even their concerns.  Sometimes they can even lash out, out of worry or fear for their child, but most father's would give their life and all they have for their families.   They can be larger than life to the child, intimidating, tough, insensitive, unemotional at times.  Just remember, there's  a tender heart that beats inside of them, that needs loving too.  Let them know how important they are to YOU! and How much you love them!

Keep in mind how fortunate you are to have a father; even though, they may not be perfect. I guarantee they are not perfect since none of us are.  Many of us, don't have the opportunity to really have a relationship with our fathers or they are no longer here.

We don't need a holiday to remind us, it's time to show your appreciate or love for those important in our lives!

Cheers to all you wonderful fathers out there!!!